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Monday, May 10, 2010

Scheduling Fail

To all brides and future brides out there, enjoy your lull in planning. AND DON'T whatever you do sign up to lead/run ANYTHING MORE just because you think you have it all under control. (I think it was in this lull that I thought I could lead a Burning Man camp as well as plan a wedding and hold down a full-time job.)

Yep I'm officially freaking out - if you couldn't tell. It's not the number of days left until the wedding that has me freaked out. No it's the number of remaining weekends until the wedding. There are 20. But it's not that number that really has me hyperventilating. It's the number of weekends that aren't already claimed by something non-wedding related. Burning Man takes 2 weekends - that leaves 18. Helping load up the camp/our stuff takes 1 weekend - we're down to 17. One weekend is reserved for the Bachelorette Weekend - 16. Don't forget holiday weekends and just enjoying life - 14. Syzygryd fundraising events (1 Saturday and 1 Sunday) take out another weekend (spread across two) which leaves us 13.

Wedding counters give you this false sense of complacency. Heck I have 152 days, I've got plenty of time. When viewed in weeks and available work days then um yes "Houston We have a problem."

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