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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top 5 Things Brides Should Do to Keep It Real

From DIY Bride: Know that your wedding isn’t a competition.

"No one can be more you than you. Whatever you bring in spirit and personality to the wedding is what will, ultimately, make it unique. Focus on what makes you and your fiance the kick-ass couple that you are.

  • What are your likes and loves? Quirks? Hobbies? Passions?
  • What makes you tick?

As you come closer to your wedding date, think about how do we celebrate in a way that honors our unique personalities and makes our guests feel as though they’re an integral part of the importance of this day? Remember that your wedding is about you and your fiance and not about the couples/sites that are here to inspire."

From A Los Angeles Love: Details do matter. Focus on a few details, disregard the rest.

Your wedding is a process of finding beauty again at its core. Simple decor and simple efforts are enough when they honor the beauty of the day itself. Pick a few important things and disregard the rest. If you love food, focus on food. If you want a dance party, focus on your tunes. And if you want pretty details, focus on a few.

Wedding details are important because they are honoring something important, and not because of their intrinsic aesthetic. And the moment you forget that you are choosing your pieces of beauty to honor something important and not because You Need The Pretty, that's when meltdowns happen. And that's when we need to take an afternoon in the park with dogs running around, kids playing frisbee, and some freshly cut grass to remind you that it's going to be alright.

From Miss D'orsay at WeddingBee.com: Don't worry about being original.
Few of your guests are looking at nearly as many wedding blogs as you are. So what if they know your bridesmaids’ dresses have been featured in other people’s weddings on the internet!?!?

Whenever you start to worry about being unoriginal, think about authenticity. Remember this gem from Jim Jarmusch, "Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. ... Select only things to steal that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. ... Always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said, ''It's not where you take things from-it's where you take them to."

From Miss Scissors at WeddingBee.com: After the real wedding planning begins, take a hiatus from wedding inspiration sites/blogs.

Don’t lust after everyone else’s pretty and be unhappy with your own. You have more important things to do! Things like plan a wedding, graduate, launch a new product line, plan and run a Burning Man Theme Camp, and just try to be a functioning human being.

Create a section in your Google Reader for 'real bride bloggers.' You'll gain a feeling of, “Thank God. I’m not alone in being totally freaking stressed out. Weddings aren’t all ponies and rainbows all the time. It’s okay that I’m not a fairy princess.” You'll be thankful for the sanity, money, as well as time you'll save. And more importantly, you'll be able to stay true to your aesthetic, your vision, and your hopes and crazy dreams for your wedding.

From The Broke Ass Bride: Your wedding isn’t just one day. It is the beginning of your life as a married person. As a couple. As a team.

Weddings should be a celebration of your personalities, and sing with details that say something about your love.

There are no rights or wrongs in weddings, because really… who can judge what’s right for you, or the next couple?

Every couple has a different personality. A different set of priorities, or personal doctrines, by which they lead their lives. So why should your wedding be a one-size fits all, fill in the blanks script or design?

Let your wedding day serve as a reflection of and launchpad for your life, and live its lessons every day, for as long as you both shall live.

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