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Monday, July 12, 2010

Details: Socks Matter to Us

We've been on the hunt awhile now for a pair of purple striped socks. True most people would never notice the socks the groom or the guys are sporting, but it's important to us. 

Why are socks important? That's easy. First many of our friends have homes where no shoes are allowed. This forces one to express their fashion sense and individuality via their socks rather than their shoes. Second once you start noticing people's socks you just can't stop. And third, I absolutely love - and I mean LOVE - those shots of the groom and the groomsmen with quirky socks (see last Friday's What Inspires Me post).

Unfortunately there just aren't that many options available for men when it comes to purple striped socks. Most - while labeled for men - appear to be thinly disguised women's socks which will not do. We want our guys looking fashionable, not dorky.

Here's what we considered (some less seriously than others). 

Navy and Gray
Punto $24 at Saks Fifth Avenue
302132/006 Graduated Dramatic Stripe
Punto $25 at British Apparel Collection, Ltd.

302144/005 Graded Horizontal Striped Sock
Punto $25 at British Apparel Collection, Ltd.

Punto Socks - Cotton Multi Stripe  - Grey with Purple and Black (mid-calf)
Purple and Gray
Punto $24 at O'Connell's Clothing 

navy and purple canvey stripe mens socks
Navy and Purple
Thomas Pink $30

paul smith thin stripe sock violetpistachio
Purple and Pistachio
Paul Smith $30 at Barneys New York

Men's Punto Fine Italian  <br>Striped Dress Socks
Men's Punto Fine Italian  <br>Striped Dress Socks
Punto Italy $21 at TonsOfSocks

When we found the Navy Punto socks we rejoiced. That celebration was short lived. We needed 4 pairs of socks. TonsOfSocks had exactly 1 pair. Idea! cubes will wear navy and the guys will wear black. Nope, not to be. No black striped socks.

Any ideas on where to find Punto Italy Navy Striped Socks? Did you find yourself spending way too much time on a seldom noticed detail?

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