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Friday, July 9, 2010

What Inspires Me: Bright Fun Colorful Socks for The Boys

Over the past year, more of our friends have moved into places where "No Shoes Inside" reigns. For me this has been somewhat of a problem as I love adorable shoes and often wear them without socks. However, my feet get cold easily so there's no way I'm traipsing around barefoot or in my super comfy but totally unstylish padded white Hanes socks. For me it was MultiKulti, off Valencia, and Sock Dreams, out of Portland, to the rescue.

This shoes off policy has me wondering if our friends - specifically the boys - consider their footwear as carefully as I now do. (For the girls I know this to be true - they're the ones who introduced me to MultiKulti.)

I love the splash of color socks can add to a man's wardrobe, especially at a wedding where everyone is in black tuxedos or black suits. Check back on Monday to see what we're planning for boys at our wedding. Are you doing something special for your boys or just letting them wear their everyday socks?

In the meantime, here are some of my fav sock shots from recent weddings and engagement sessions.
Photography Credit: Tina Sargeant of Sargeant Studios via Glamour and Grace

Photography Credit: Unknown via Miss Cola on WeddingBee

wedding shoes fun socks for groom

Photography Credit: Erica Velasco of Vision Photographs via The Bride's Cafe

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