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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Attended: Promises and Pearls - Decor Recap

First let me say that I'm really bummed we can't use our tapers. I absolutely love how candles warm up a space. The wall of votive candles is such a classy look - not right for our theme, but perfect for a modern theme.

I liked how some of the featured tablescapes didn't use fresh flowers but rather tree branches, succulents, fresh fruit. Some of the displays with a single flower or a couple floating in water were to me the most eye catching.

If I was planning a destination or summer backyard wedding in Texas or Southern California, I'd definitely consider this play on ceramic tiles. The colors are so vibrant. I can see where the caterer was going with the fruity tequila shooters but alas I'm a gal that likes my tequila/mescal straight up for sipping.

Many of my friends love their tea. So when I saw this Marie Antoinette-inspired table I was immediately drawn to it. It's quaintness and cozy feel seemed better fitted for a venue flush with wood or Victorian detailing. I could totally see a mid-morning or early-afternoon wedding tea reception at our venue - The Swedish American Hall. (It wouldn't have even been that hard to get the decor - my mom, my sister, and I all have antique tea cup collections.)

The Bently Reserve is a very elegant, chic venue with its chandeliers, grand staircase and columns. With the exception of the tile inspired tablescape and tea inspired tablescape, I could see all of these vignettes in this space. I could also see the following decor options working nicely in Mer, Terra, or DogPatch Studios - spaces that we'd considered initially.

One thing to keep in mind about your decor - how well will it stand up to your guests? If it looks good for just a few minutes, you might want to think of doing something different. 

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