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Friday, October 1, 2010

What We Did: Hair

On Wednesday I had my final hair trial. Because the first hair and makeup trial had been so daunting, I wasn't really looking forward to the experience. I'd even started rethinking what I wanted again and again.

Luckily I listened to my incredibly supportive gals. One of my maids found a friend who knows curly hair and is a blast to be around. My diva of honor made sure that I relaxed (although I think I might have given her heart failure as we drove across town) and whipped up tuna sandwiches so that I wouldn't be hangry (hungry + angry).

Before we go any further this is where I have to ask cubes to stop reading. I'm sorry - it was suggested that the final style should be a surprise for you.

No Grooms Allowed


What ensued for the trial was the exact opposite of my first experience. It turned into a girls' and babies' night. We ordered delivery - yummy Thai - and watched two Dust Guppies scoot across the floor. A perfectly relaxed way to spend an evening. There was no disapproving glance and refusal to add colored highlights to my hair this time. Everyone was in total agreement.

In less time than I thought possible, I had my hair up in a simple elegant style that's totally me. Here's what we came up with. Ignore that I'm not wearing any makeup.

Photos taken by Diva of Honor

For those who suggested I wear it partially up with curls in the back: we went with the upswept side ponytail to show off my wedding dress. The lace neckline is amazing and shouldn't be hidden by my long hair. You'll see the dress soon I promise - it's my What We Did for the day of the wedding and will go live at the start of the cocktail reception (yep it's already written).

So what do you think of my hair? I totally love it. 


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