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Friday, October 1, 2010

Where We're Headed

If you hadn't noticed already this blog has already started changing. Subtle yes, but changes nonetheless.

As my focus moves from planning our wedding to actually attending our wedding and the surrounding festivities, there have been less DIY projects, less general event planning tips, and less discussion of green choices. There's been more focus on creating images that tell a story, more focus on what I'm thinking of wearing, and more focus on budget decisions.

This blog will live on (as long as I have an hour train ride to and from work). The number of posts per day will probably decrease to one. However, a lot of the regular features will remain. Paper goods and tablescapes from weddings will always (along with other sources) inspire me, so look for the Wednesday "What Inspires Me" feature. I can't see myself resisting the pull of shoes and other fashion accessories, so "Tuesday Shoesday" and "Thursday Purseday" features will stay as well. Also, I love Etsy for vintage decor and clothing, so you'll also still see "Etsy Tuesday."

Now what topics/features would you like to see continued on a weekly or monthly basis?

As to other topics/features that I'm interested in that will start appearing, well they be related to our loves/hobbies. The most obvious: food and entertaining. Post ceremony, cubes and I will return to sharing home cooked meals (I'll share the recipes on my food blog, Recipes for the Good Life), savoring meals at local restaurants (I'll post pics and reviews of what we eat on my food blog), and hosting dinner parties (I'll share decor and DIY projects for these themed meals here).

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