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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update: We have a Plan - A Seating Plan that is

We had our site walkthrough this past Thursday. It was great to see the space again and get opinions from our Onsite Coordinator - Kerry - and our Wedding Coordinator - Brittani. 

While not everyone will be on the same floor for dinner, we were able to successfully seat all of our guests in Freja. We walked through the balcony and double checked the view of the main floor. All of our guests will be able to see the wedding party as well as the toasts and the cake cutting. 

We were also successful in that no additional tables were required (so no new rental fees). The tables on hand at the venue work. That also means no additional table linens were required (so no last minute rushing around to match our ivory). And the best part? We actually need less table runners than originally planned. Less sewing for our friends!

Here's a rough layout of where our guests will be. 

We decided to forgo escort cards and use place cards (when we originally made the escort cards we left the table numbers off until we had a final RSVP count). This layout with table names will appear in our program along with a listing of seats per table. At each table guests will find their seat by looking for their place card.

I'm so relieved that we have successfully placed each guest at a table; thus ending the seemingly never-ending game of musical chairs.

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