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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Perspective: Wedding Truths

Calling all hindsight brides and brides in the final weeks of planning. What are your wedding truths? Those things that you saw other brides struggle with and thought that you by planning or luck would avoid?

Here are my wedding truths:
  1. You will run around like a chicken with its head cut off. No matter how much planning you do, the last three weeks before you say "I Do" are not your own. "Final" alterations will end up taking 3 times as many visits as you anticipated. Vendors will need to reschedule. You're going to inevitably double book an appointment. NOTE: Even if you plan ahead to have a clear schedule, it won't stay that way. However plan for a clear schedule so that you can deal with the unexpected.
  2. Your guests are not going to RSVP by your response date. Your response date will come and go with only 50% of your guests having told you their plans. Once you forgo etiquette and send an email tickler you'll still have 20% of your guests to track down.
  3. You will discover the "obvious" guest you forgot to invite just after you send out your final counts.
  4. You will have at least one meltdown, probably more. Get a massage. Let your Maid/Matron/Diva of Honor take you out for drinks. Schedule a night off.
  5. You will start to wonder why you didn't just elope in the first place.
  6. You will long to have your life back. Regular nights in where you cook? A luxury. Closest you'll get? Take out delivered, plated, and presented by your partner.
  7. You will need to rethink your final DIY projects. See #1. You aren't going to have the time you thought you were going to. NOTE: Prioritize all your DIY projects. For those you can work on early, do it. The more work you do in the planning slump, the easier your last couple of weeks will be.
Here's another question for all you hindsight brides and those brides two weeks out. What did you do to deal?

My approach so far has been to take my Maid/Matron/Diva of Honor up on her offer of whisking me away. You aren't going to be productive in meltdown mode. And you are going to need to reconnect with your friend and your life. Delegate tasks. You don't want anyone else in the crazy, but if you try and do it all you're just increasing the crazy exponentially.

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