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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding DIY Project Craft Day: All Things Paper

As with the two of us getting together, our wedding will also be through the help/work of our friends.

(Photo by Jessica Palopoli)
Hilary and Annie work together to create accent triangles from vintage cookbook pages.

Many hands (Ames, Hilary, Annie, Iris, Mooflyfoof, Icka, and Juicy) came together to stuff and seal invitations; label, glue, and cut escort cards; glue, cut, score, and bend bases for our table numbers; cut ribbon and raffia; and cut cover and paper for wedding favors. Every project had multiple steps. For example, with the escort cards, a page from a vintage cookbook was glued to Coffee Paper Card Stock. Strips of lace and purple from the Sharing Inserts were labeled with each guest's name and then glued to the reinforced cookbook page. When dry, each strip was trimmed and individual escort cards cut. The cut cards were then stamped with the lace rose.

(Photos by Jessica Palopoli; Sources: Top Photo/Bottom Photo)

While working we enjoyed Mimosas (with champagne provided by Eden's boss) and fruit, cheese and crackers arranged by cubes. As the afternoon wore on and the heat cranked up, Steve23 refreshed us with Chavelas - Mexican beer and Clamato seasoned with Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Steve fired up the grill and treated us to salmon, skirt steak, chicken, and pork chops.

(Personal Photo)

The best thing about our crafting day? All of our friends coming together. Second best thing? The laughter we shared. Third best thing? Learning the rules of icing from an expert bro as he iced Steve, and seeing the expert receive his first icing courtesy of a bottle appropriated from his own bag.

(Personal Photo)

Are you having crafting days? What are your favorite memories?

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