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Monday, September 27, 2010

Update: Guestbook

This weekend I took a brief break from the table number and program projects. What did I do? Mixed media and scrapbooking.

Specifically I embellished our guestbook. I'd hinted that I'd planned on customizing it when we decided to use a journal from CreARTing Handmade. Here's what it looks like now.

Personal Photos

At the reception guests will have the opportunity to add their favorite recipes, recommend restaurants and dishes, recount meals shared with us, and suggest the next meal they'd like to share with us. 

The guestbook station will be set up initially in a bay window with stickers, paper scraps, markers, and glue sticks. After the cocktail hour ends the station will move to near the bar so that guests have time throughout the evening to add their tips.

This is one DIY project that could have been overwhelming had we (I) decided to make the journal from scratch. Instead by starting with a handmade journal, this has become one of my favorite projects. I can't wait to see what our guests contribute.

To our guests: Be sure to check out the sample page layouts in the guestbook. (Hint they tie to Our Story and our table numbers and may have some of the answers to the puzzle found in our program.)

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