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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Update: Step away

At a certain point, regardless of if the DIY project is special to you or not, you need to step away. Your vision isn't going to happen no matter how much you try to force fit it. And most importantly, most of your guests aren't going to notice the absence.

So what DIY project did we walk away from? A lot actually. One was postponed until after the wedding for a more personalized thank you. 

The latest? The hardest one to let go of? Our collection of wine and beer bottles. You remember the ones that were going to be filled with eco-friendly dripless tapers down the center of our U-shaped table? The ones when open flames were banned that were going to be filled with sprays of baby's breath?

Now, yes, tables lined with sprays of baby's breath would have been gorgeous. But that wasn't the original vision and it was a vision I kept forgetting. I kept imagining and wanting candlelight. Okay, not just imagining, obsessing. 

Obsessing to the point that I was considering getting a bottle cutter and creating my own votive holders. Heck after a quick search I saw lots of tutorials. Mrs. D'Orsay's write up makes it look simple - just time consuming. A thread on the Craftster Community Forums quickly convinced me this *might* not be the best project to tackle when facing a time crunch. 

Wine Bottles: Cut and Assembled :  wedding decor diy ithaca 12 1
Miss Locket via Weddingbee

Knowing how stubborn I am - determined - I did the only thing I could. We took all of the beer and wine bottles we collected and tossed them into the recycling bin.

As cubes reminds me each time we come across one more misunderstanding or scheduling conflict, focus on what's important. He's right. At the end of the day, I'm not marrying a bunch of wine and beer bottles and we had fun with our friends over the past year collecting them. And heck, friends are one of my top three.

The other benefits of axing the bottles? We don't have to find a bunch of baby's breath before the wedding. We don't have to mockup another tablescape. We don't have to thread ribbons through keys and tie them around the bottles. We don't have group bottles into neat bags by table. And best of all? No one has to haul them up 22 steps.  

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