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Monday, May 17, 2010

We need you ...

to drink for us!

One of the things we're doing to be green is using existing materials in our decor. As mentioned previously, we're planning on using beer and wine bottles as our candlesticks.
(Source: Elle Decoration via R P Scissors)
(Source: Perfect Bound)

And we need your help. We need your bottles!

Specifically we need clear white or Amber beer or wine bottles. We're looking for a variety of shapes that will be used to hold candles that go down the center of our reception tables. Our goal is to acquire 84 bottles. Right now we have a little more than 40.

Our favorite shapes:
  • Clear wine bottles. This is easier said than done as wine producers aren't consistent as to which white wines are bottled in clear glass. And some white wines are bottled in a glass that's slightly blueish - the Allianca or Mezzacorona above for example. If you like white wine (I'm not asking our red wine drinks to switch allegiances, I'm not that cruel a taskmaster), please consider a wine in a clear glass bottle (Sauvignon Blanc) and save it for us.
  • Singha - Thai beer - a nice full-bodied 100% barley malt beer that is distinctly rich in taste with strong hop characters. It tastes great and it's cheap! Less than $3 for a 21.3 oz bottle at BevMo!. We have maybe 5 or 6 so far from our Housewarming/Engagement Dinner this past February.
  • New Castle. Not totally not an economical design choice (it's also about $9.50 with CRV at BevMo!), but one that ties to cubes' tradition of sharing a New Castle with the Greeters upon arriving at Burning Man. Plus I love the words around the neck - The One and Only. We have about a dozen of these bottles so far. We need more as we'd like a mix of clear and Amber bottles on the tables. Don't fear there will be full bottles of New Castle at the bar for your enjoyment during the cocktail hour.
  • Anchor Steam - it's locally brewed. What more can one say? We have at least 20 of these bottles so far. A little less cost effective than Singha at about $9.50 with the CRV included at BevMo!. This beer will also be making an appearance at the bar for your drinking pleasure.
  • Pacifico. Slightly more economical than Anchor Steam or New Castle at about $8.50 with CRV from BevMo! - and a truly emotional choice for Eden. It was my grandfather's favorite beer. So this is a nod to him. We don't have any of these bottles yet. We will be serving this at the reception so if they're not holding candles during dinner that's ok.
Where to find these bottles - your local liquor store, the supermarket, BevMo, it's easy! You don't even have to clean the bottles. Our dishwasher makes cleaning them and striping the labels a dream. NOTE: Don't lose sleep, any bottles you donate to us will not be headed to a landfill, they will be recycled after the reception.

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