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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Inspires Me: Cakes

You might recall that after booking a venue the next thing we did, before we really had any idea of what we were doing, was secure a cake. We went into that meeting a little unprepared - well more than a little unprepared. Other than a cake that I could eat and that tasted good we didn't really think more about how ordering a wedding cake might be different than ordering a birthday cake.

The correspondence with our caterer simply says three tiers and the flavors. There are notes that we should supply ribbon to test for color fastness if we want ribbon and that we'll supply flowers.

Our idea for flowers has changed somewhat since that first meeting. Up until a couple of weeks ago - we were pretty set on hydrangeas and dahlias. Then with the no open flame policy at our venue, we swapped candles for sprays of baby's breath and started rethinking hydrangeas.

Here are some simple cakes that might influence our cake.

Credits: Michelle Coulon Dessertier via Polka Dot Bride (Photographed by Jennifer Dery); Cakes of Your Dreams with custom cake topper by My Face Figurines via Polka Dot Bride (Photographed by Candace Ottaway, O Photography); Art of Dessert via Chatty Brides; via The Sweetest Occasion (Photographed by James Bass, James Bass Photography); Creative Cakes by Donna via The Wedding Chicks (Photographed by Carla Ten Eyck Photography); Cakes by Judi White via Ruffled (Photographed by Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love); DIY Wedding Cake via Project Wedding (Photographed by Chelsea Fuss); and Chef Carlton of Santa Lucia Preserve via Style Me Pretty (Photographed by Viera Photography).

So what would you choose to use with our cake topper: Ribbon? Ribbon and Flowers; Flowers; Paper Flowers from the pages of Vintage Cookbooks? Something else?


  1. Hi, I found you through Sara's SF Budget blog. I'm another bay area bride and I am in the beginning of the planning stage, but things are coming along well. I love the look of hydrangeas and dahlias and wondering why you're having second thoughts....

  2. Hi Cindysue! Congratulations. I love Sara's blog!

    We're DIYing our flowers, so I'm rethinking hydrangeas because I can't visualize how they'd look with baby's breath or the greenery we're going to take from my parents' yard. I'm going to buy some bunches of hydrangeas/dahlias/baby's breath at the market and do a mock up.


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