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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update: Our Ever Evolving Programs

Since our Sneak Peek, our programs have changed. Yes I know this is a theme with me. But you'll see why in a minute.

When we first started putting the programs together, we knew they'd include more than just the names of the wedding party, the ceremony text, and an explanation of traditions. We wanted to include allergy info so that people would be able to enjoy the passed appetizers. We also wanted to make sure that guests knew where the various tables were located - main floor, balcony, and potentially a side room.

Throughout our relationship and the planning of our wedding, we've shared a lot. Our early FAQ (modeled after Mooflyfoof's and Ed's) included a timeline of important dates. And what initially started out as an exercise in corniness (mine) "Our Love Story" became one of the most popular stops on our wedsite. But not all of our guests have been following along online. Some - like my parents - get glimpses from my iPhone over breakfast or during lunch. Others just hear our story secondhand.

So when putting our table numbers and programs together, I'd struggled with how to incorporate our story into our celebration. That is, until I saw Christina and Mark's Real Wedding on 100 Layer Cake. Specifically their invitation, designed by Sara Hanks, A Story Begins. Those invites were "little books documenting not only the wedding festivities but also their story as a couple, a sweet poem by Cole Porter, and a few other travel essentials."

Our programs, 10/10/10: Our Story Continues ..., will be little booklets outlining our celebration - wedding party to ceremony to menu - as well as our story so far and key dates in our relationship. Here's the cover we designed.

I'll share the contents the night of the wedding (scheduled post). Wouldn't want to reveal the next installments of Our Story before they go up on our wedsite. I mean, what fun would that be?

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