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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIY Project: Writing Our Programs

What does one put in a program? That is, what are the basic things all programs should have? A quick glance at programs shows the content varies greatly. The Wedding Party and Outline of the Ceremony appear to be the only information in common throughout.

Typical Program Information
  • Welcome Message
  • Venue Rules
  • Wedding Party
  • Bride's and Groom's Families
  • Outline of the Ceremony
  • Readings (optional?)
  • Thank You
What should a program look like? That again varies. (See my What Inspires Me: Programs post for some of my favorites.) They can be a single half page. They can be a fan. They can be a book.

Programs from Real Brides

Any guesses as to what ours will look like? Hint 1: This bride has a love of paper. Hint 2: This bride loves to write. Hint 3: This bride was yearbook layout editor in high school.

Here's some unconventional inspiration for our programs that reflects our theme.

What are you doing for your programs? Did you go with a template or a less conventional approach?

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