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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneak Peek: Wedding Party Survival Bags

I promised everyone this sneak peek yesterday and I know you've all been waiting with baited breath.

First some housekeeping. I promised I won't keep you waiting much longer. If you're in our wedding party, please stop reading now. We've spent a lot of time putting this bags/gifts together and we want you to be surprised. Honestly, goody bags are so much better if you're surprised at what's in them. Just ask my parents who one year after I snuck into their closet and opened (and resealed) all of the hidden gifts, returned them and got different ones!

Members of Our Wedding Party
Members of Dan's Immediate Family 


Are all members of our wedding party and members of Dan's immediate family gone now? This includes a certain SIL who's as bad as me with surprises. To all, I do promise this is the last sneak peek post I'll bar you from.

Okay, now we're ready to tell you what we have planned for our gals and guys. First off, let me say that a lot of thought has gone into these bags and their contents. This DIY project took over four months from start to finish.

We've intentionally spared everyone customization - I mean who wants to carry a bag around with them that has someone else's name on it? Besides avoiding any telltale "I got this cuz I was in a wedding" marks (we wanted to insure that if our guys and gals don't like the bags they can totally regift them - it goes with our greener choices approach), we also wanted each item to support our crew's "We Must be Ready" mantra.

So in the theme of "We Must be Ready" our bags are truly not traditional. Drum roll please.

Our goodie bags are coolers! Coolers that are neatly sized for a spur-of-the-moment picnic in Mission Dolores Park. The coolers were one of my green choices as the material is made from recycled water bottles (even purchased them on Earth Day from eBags and took advantage of a eco-friendly coupon). But, they're not truly green (this was sincerely disappointing to me) as they're Made in China.

The boys' bags differ slightly from the girls' bags. And out-of-town members of the wedding party have some additional goodies. (We're going to wait to give a sneak peek of these extra goodies, just in case someone is still reading along.)

Here's the general contents - the Day-Of-Survival contents - for everyone:

So what do you think? How did you choose your Day-of Survival Bags? Did you combine wedding party gifts with Day-of Survival bags?


  1. I think these are a great idea. Out of curiosity, does the little organizer thing wwith the bottle opener and nail file (did I see that right?) include a sewing kit with needle, thread and safety pins? Also, bandaids and moleskin for blisters or minor cuts.

  2. The organizer is a picnic set w/cutting board & cheese knife, bottle opener, and two napkins. The parts not shown are vintage travel kits w/sewing essentials, safety pins, bobby pins, hem tape, etc. Good idea on the bandaids and moleskin! Also, just thought that clear nail polish would be good too. I'm also planning on including travel lint brushes.

  3. These are really great and very useful. I would totally want one.


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