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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Take a Break and Read a Book

We're less than 3 months away from Our Big Day. As you know we've pretty much stayed as far way from the WIC as possible. Every once in awhile it does creep in and that's when the need for satire or a good laugh comes in.

And I may have found the perfect opportunity to poke fun at myself and how crazy/obsessed with planning I've been. Let me explain.

In the real world, my girlfriends and I belong to a book a club. This summer we're taking a break from thought-provoking literature to turn to those trashy novels you take with you to the beach. Each of us is going to read a different book. We're then going to then create a project that embodies the salient points of the book.

My favorite trashy novels are the thrillers. I just finished reading James Rollin's The Doomsday Key. (I really hope it's made it into a movie as the special effects will be AWESOME - they basically blow up historical landmarks, including the Colosseum in Rome as they race around the globe.) But reading another thriller where I could just create a Flickr pool of demolition or a short video of high-speed car chases seems too easy, too blah.

So I got to thinking about one of my all time favorite required reads from high school: The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh. In case you haven't read it - you totally should by the way - it's a short satirical novel about the funeral business in Los Angeles.

Idea! Here's where I can show my flair for satire. There's got to be a bunch of satires about brides. I mean come on - bridezillas, WIC - such easy targets! Maybe Weddings of the Times (check out the review "The Bride Wore Vera Wang; The Groom A Codpiece" at NPR). Or The Redneck Wedding Planner. I'm not sure if a book of wedding photography counts as trashy, but Brides Behaving Badly: Wild Wedding Photos You Were Never Meant to See might be worth a laugh.

From the dearth of offerings it seems that weddings are not on the same plane as funerals. Maybe I should write a satire in the vein of The Loved One? My interpretation of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal in high school was definitely thought provoking (if not fraught with some faulty logic).

Well at least if I can't find an appropriate satire, I can always fall back to thrillers. I mean what bride wouldn't want to dive into Ted Dekker's The Bride Collector where a Denver serial killer is killing beautiful young women and leaving a bridal veil at each crime scene. Or in keeping with the recent fascination with all things vampire, Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men. For the first I could see a montage of Trash the Dress images. For the second, a series of film stills of past and present vampires. Anyone remember George Hamilton's turn as a vampire in Love at First Bite? Of course either montage would have to be set to Billy Idol's White Wedding.

So what do you recommend for a book that trashes the WIC or pokes fun at that loveable creature The Bridezilla?

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