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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sneak Peek: Programs

One thing we discovered while putting our programs together is that while wedding blogs show photos of the finished product, many fail to shed light on the contents. (When creating your own program following - or not following - a guide is helpful.)

Some real brides did share their content (see DIY Project: Writing Our Programs post). To those brides who did, Thank You! For future brides, we're also sharing our content.

Without further ado, here's what our programs include and why. In the inside cover we have a quick preview of what's happening when. At dinner we're going to be spread across a couple of locations and this gives everyone a rough idea of where they might want to be.
Opposite the At a Glance, we introduce our Wedding Party and Our Families. This way our guests can identify everyone. (I know I always refer to a program to see who the bride and groom chose for their wedding party.)
With our Rabbi, we customized our ceremony. We took pieces from a couple of his basic ceremonies. Not all of our guests will have been to a Reform Jewish wedding ceremony so we wanted to give everyone an idea of what to expect. (There will be Hebrew in the actual ceremony but I didn't have a way to create it.)

Following the Our Ceremony section, we'll have a Traditions Explained section (not pictured here) where people can read about why we're circling each other and what Yichud is.

Rather than having a menu at each setting, in addition to cards that identify each buffet option, we've included the menu and allergy information in the program. This way people can avoid what they're allergic to. (We tried to choose items that gave everyone a complete meal.)

We'll also be including a rough table chart so that after guests pick up their escort cards they'll know where they'll be sitting - main floor, balcony, or side hall.
On the inside back cover we thank everyone for coming. After these have been printed and assembled, cubes and I will personally sign the Thank You. We also include the ever familiar Colophon for fellow font and paper lovers.
Finally, the back cover includes information about how to post photos to Flickr and tag Tweets so that we can enjoy.

The one thing we haven't finalized is whether our titles should be cooking or food related. For example, The Wedding Party could be Key Ingredients. Although that might get confusing as we're including our buffet menu in our programs. (On a side note, if we were a couple into theater, I had a totally cute program based on a Playbill in mind. Contact me if you'd like the template.)

What did you do for your programs? Did you opt for one guide that included table assignments as well as menu options? Or did you keep your paper projects separate?

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