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Friday, July 16, 2010

Update: Our Invitations are in the Mail!

Monday was a great day. It started with me getting to drop my batch of invitations in the mail. Something I've been waiting to do since we finished them almost a month ago!

As we finish one more phase of planning, the fact that we're getting married becomes more real. I'm so excited that we're almost to our big day. If you hadn't guessed yet, I'm not the type of girl who waits patiently. So I'm super happy we didn't have a long engagement. 7 months to plan a wedding is plenty long enough for me!

Tuesday was an even better day. My mom called to tell me they'd received their invitation.

And Thursday, well Thursday was the best day of the week. Why? We got our first RSVPs in the mail. We used postcards for our RSVP cards and left the back empty for guests to write us notes. I was psyched that my parents responded immediately and wrote us a quick note. (Our other immediate RSVP was from two of our favorite people - Diva and Oznog. They're really responsible for us being a couple today.)

Did you receive RSVPs immediately? Were your first responses from the Mother of the Bride and Wedding Party?

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