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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life's a little crazy right now, but a good crazy

Our schedules are terrifying to look at. We have birthday celebrations, housewarmings, welcome back/graduation celebrations. You name something to celebrate and we have it. We have day trips in the outdoors. Without Syzygryd or our wedding, our lives are pleasantly full.

Add a Burning Man project and you have lead meetings, team meetings, and build days (which with lead meetings and team meetings I don't think I'll ever make it too).

Add a wedding, especially with just over two months to go, and you have last minute DIY projects, fittings, hair trials, makeup trials, facials. There are meetings with your Rabbi to finalize ceremony details and with your Month-of-Coordinator to make sure you have a realistic timeline and haven't forgotten anything. Also, you have the appointment for the marriage license - you must not forget that.

So our schedules are a little crazy. I find myself torn between not wanting to miss out on life and completing a DIY project (there are some that have already been scrapped).

But would I trade the crazy for a simple elopement? In all seriousness, no. What we'd miss if we eloped reminds me what's important and to step back and enjoy. Countless brides and grooms have gone before us and survived. We will too.

Here's why I'm glad we're not eloping (aka those moments I wouldn't want to have missed) in no particular order:
  • All the hands that have gone (and are still going) into this celebration.
  • Trip to the costume warehouse in search of possible treasure.
  • Finding the perfect 1950s cocktail dress at the costume warehouse for $15.
  • Trip to the silk store to pick fabric for Mooflyfoof's dress and my corset.
  • Being part of the Fall Brides Club.
  • Knowing that you can indeed add Gummy Sharks to your registry.
  • Seeing my DOH and bridesmaid try on the 1970s flashback dresses.
  • Finding the perfect dress for the girls.
  • Learning how to use knives at the Crate and Barrel Registry Party.
  • Wearing my mom's dress and having her along with me as Scatha reconstructed the dress.
Our relationship from the beginning has been a team effort. To not have everyone involved and there with us when we say "I Do" seems incomplete.

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