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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fireflies on the Harp

I just came across Fireflies played on the harp. And oh... I'm in love. Is it wrong that I want this for our cake cutting music?

Why do I love this melody so much you ask? Well, it has to do with my first wedding dream.

You see before cubes popped the question I didn't dream of weddings. It wasn't something I'd imagined, proposals were things that happened to other women. Shortly after his proposals, I had my first dream. We were standing at the top of the world with fireflies swirling around us (think of that Little Prince illustration). I was wearing a Victorian-style cream dress with dainty boots, gloves, and a hat. cubes was wearing a leather duster, britches with suspenders, and riding boots.

Of course, Fireflies by Owl City was playing as we held hands and gazed at each other while the Rabbi led the ceremony. As the Rabbi pronounced us husband and wife the fireflies circled us and flew off into space.

I have a vivid imagination. (If you haven't heard the song, the video is available on YouTube. Be warned that it's nothing like my version.)

My dream may have been influenced by the back-to-back episodes of Firefly we'd just watched. Firefly was "a space western television series created by writer and director Joss Wheldon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (Source: Wikipedia)." The series aired in 2002 but I didn't see it until cubes introduced it to me after we moved in together last October.

As the plan for our Burning Man wedding started to come together it became clear that a Firefly aesthetic was appropriate. I'd chosen a denim top with bustle and layered chambray dress (my Junior prom dress which was modeled after Scarlett O'Hara's Picnic Dress) to wear with boots. A very early Americana look. Everyone quickly agreed that cubes would make a good Captain. On the playa we won't have fireflies circling around us, but we will have LED illuminated paper cranes hanging from the roof of our carport.

So what do you think? Would playing an instrumental of Fireflies while we cut our wedding cake seem out of place? Or would it be a subtle tie to our playa wedding?

P.S. I have a secret. I'm Miss Firefly on Chatty Brides.


  1. Aaaa! I love "Fireflies" and really want it to be part of our wedding somewhere. I was even thinking of it for our first dance, but the lyrics... I don't know, I don't see them as romantic. They're a little dark, even though the music *sounds* dreamy and romantic. But the instrumental harp version is *gorgeous*! Wow. Her arrangement is lovely and I could see it as perfect wedding music. However, I don't really see it as cake cutting music, to be honest. It seems more appropriate for, say, when you and your wedding party are walking back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony? Or maybe when you first "arrive" at the reception? (I don't know if you'll be doing that, since your reception is in the same place as the ceremony.) Or maybe even your first dance?

  2. We've got our ceremony music. I've Got a Feeling by The Beatles for the processional and I've Got a Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas for the recessional. I was toying with playing the Black Eyed Peas song again for when we "arrive" at the cocktail hour (we won't really get to hear that much of it when we're walking back down the aisle). We'll actually be ducking out immediately after the ceremony for Yichud. I like the idea of playing the Harp instrumental as it's very different from anything the DJ would be playing so would signal that something is about to happen.


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