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Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY: Raiding My Parents' Yard

We're planning on doing our own florals. Ever since we saw Ames and Helen (and assisted with the effort) it didn't seem like a daunting task. Of course as we get closer to the actual trip to the SF Flower Mart to pick up the flowers, our budget is quickly shrinking. And here's where being local and using in-season flowers and greenery works to your advantage.

Why? Your budget stretches much further.

How? Let me walk you through what we've decided (and gotten sign off on). My parents' yard is very lush. It should be - my mom has a green thumb and well, one of her daughters (yeah I'm referring to me) and now birds helped/help by sharing seeds. (My greatest achievement was the contribution of two pines positioned directly in front of the huge sliding glass patio doors. They're now gone - a preventative measure. Preventative because well the pines really liked where I put them (right where our dream indoor pool would go) and grew very big and in storms would hit the house.)

So we have been given permission to take as many trimmings as we need.
  • Tea Tree - my parents' plants don't typically bloom in the early fall (just spring/now) but the greenery would be nice with baby's breath for the boys' boutonni√®res (inspired by a rosemary, lavender, and baby's breath DIY Boutonni√®re I saw on Intimate Weddings; tutorial at OnceWed).
    Leptospermum scoparium, Tea Tree
  • Camellia Leaves - that beautiful waxy greenery you see in almost every bouquet

  • Ferns
  • Eugenias - nice leafy trees (they were supposed to be dwarf bushes but were totally mislabeled) that in the fall have a reddish tinge to them
  • Ivy
  • Rosemary
Did you shop your family's garden for your florals?

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