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Monday, April 4, 2011

In the Moment: Continuing Our Story

Today we pause from our recaps. Did you know we're going to be celebrating our six month wedding anniversary this coming Sunday? Time has gone by so quickly. And that's got me thinking about how we want to document our story going forward.

Before we got married, I carefully catalogued and saved Tweets, Emails, and Facebook status changes. Most of our love story was chronicled online.

This past weekend, the medium for recording our story became physical. How? While wandering through a barn, we found this Underwood typewriter.
Underwood Noiseless 77 Typewriter

The typewriter immediately tugged on my heart strings. I pointed it out to cubes and then said let me think about it and we walked on past. I thought about it maybe all of five minutes when we stumbled on a pair of nightstands. When the salesperson asked if there was anything else we were interested in, I responded, there's a typewriter too! Long story short, it now sits on the table in our entry hall.

As cubes was playing with the keys, I quickly slipped a sheet of paper in only to discover there was still some ink on the ribbon. And an idea was born. We'd create an Exquisite Corpse.
Exquisite Corpse
Our Exquisite Corpse Begins

We type whatever is on our mind or has caught our fancy. We hope that when guests come over they too add to the Exquisite Corpse. I have no idea how the story will unfold, but it's a neat project and one with a tangible result. I'll be filling the typewriter with various acid-free, handmade, treeless papers to keep the story colorful and long lasting.

How are you chronicling your love story?

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