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Friday, January 14, 2011

Clearing Clutter

Are you ready for a confession? Our apartment still screams wedding; it's no longer shrieking at us but it's still loud enough to be bothersome.

We were married just over three months ago now. We didn't have outrageous numbers or quantities of DIY projects. The problem is that we only have a one bedroom apartment. This means there's something from the wedding in our entry hall. In our bedroom. In the storage closet - oops I meant office. In the living room. In the living room closet. Oh and there's a lot of boxes of wedding stuff in our garage. You're probably beginning to understand why my first New Year's Resolution was "Get Organized. Stay Organized."

After the last session of organizing where I tackled another section of the living room closet (I'd already replaced a shoe rack that was serving as a makeshift shelving system with an actual shelving system), I need an addendum. The addendum is this: "Seek to purchase vintage footwear before new. Steer clear of footwear with heels higher than 3 inches."

There's two goals to this modification. First by sticking to vintage the time between when I think I need something and gratification will be longer. This delay should reduce the amount of stuff finding its way into the closets. Second I should be less likely to end up spraining my ankle or worse. My friends' backs will also be spared as my feet should not hurt anymore and they won't need to carry me.

Three clear 40-quart storage containers have been emptied and neatly filled with shoes that had been stuffed into wardrobes and under furniture. This weekend two grocery bags filled with shoes (Guess, Aldo, Dolce Vita, and Jessica Simpson) will be going to a nearby consignment store.

My goal for this weekend is to get the closet in our living room completely organized. 

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