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Thursday, January 13, 2011

DIY: Custom Jewels for Your Girls

When I got engaged I wasn't much of a jewelry person. I tended to wear jewelry that had a sentimental connection. And I certainly had no idea how to buy it. Well that changed when I started planning a wedding and all of our maids asked what necklaces and earrings they should wear. My initial answer? I don't know.

Luckily there's GemKitty. First let me disclose that my sister-in-law Arwa is the Kitty in Chief in there. But even if she wasn't, I'd still say it's a lifesaver for brides who aren't knowledgeable about jewelry and want a quality product.

GemKitty is a Portland, OR-based, online custom jewelry shop. With a few clicks of your mouse you can have necklaces and jewelry that match or complement your wedding colors.

You remember those gorgeous necklaces that my DOH and our maids wore?
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli
They were a variation on GemKitty's Limited Edition Twist Necklace. (I liked this design so much that I got one of the necklaces to wear with my going away outfit.)
Photography Credit: Jessica Palopoli
To ensure a perfect fit, Arwa had me send her each maid's measurements. Why is this important? So that the necklaces were the right length for each maid.

After our wedding I went back to GemKitty to get earrings. (With Syzygryd and Burning Man so close to our wedding life got hectic and I postponed this task.) I decided to customize the Emma earrings.

I selected the top gemstone - Onyx to match our necklaces. Next I chose the bottom gemstone - Rose Quartz for two and Amethyst for the other two. And then I chose the precious metal - Silver to match the necklaces. As easy as 1-2-3!

Once you design your jewelry, you get a note from GemKitty that shows your design and tells you what the stones you picked mean. Here are the notes for the earrings I designed.

You can also share your design by email, via Twitter or Facebook. This is great if you want your maids or mom to give you feedback. As soon as you buy your jewelry, the kitties at GemKitty start working. I'd ordered the earrings for holiday presents and they arrived in time for me to deliver them to the girls. I didn't pull any strings - GemKitty had expedited shipping and an order by date to ensure holiday delivery.

I haven't yet gotten to see (and photograph) my maids in their GemKitty earrings so I'll share photos of another bride's maids. Mariana also chose to customize Emma earrings.
Photography Credit: Eric Leung Photography
Photography Credit: Eric Leung Photography
Photography Credit: Eric Leung Photography

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