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Monday, November 8, 2010

Update: The Perfect Bachelor/ette Weekend

This past weekend we had our Honeymoon Revue - aka our Bachelor/ette Weekend. Why after we were married? Well when you're having two weddings, running a Burning Man camp, working full-time jobs, you run out of available weekends. 

But this was perfect. We were married and our friends were celebrating us. There was none of the frantic checking of To Do lists or talking about wedding projects that still needed to be done. It was just good friends. Good food. Good times.

Everyone brought to the potluck dinner. We had spinach salad with strawberries and an amazing Tahini dressing. We had a yummy fruit salad. And... we had cheeses and quince. 

Everyone brought food that I could eat! This touched me the most because cooking without any cow's milk (butter, milk, etc.) or refined sugars is tough. So let's just say I was a little piggy at the dining table. I had two helpings of paella. (You too can have this absolutely wonderful paella. Ames has her grandmother's recipe on her food blog, DigestThis!)

I had a bacon-wrapped scallop with papaya salsa. I'll see if I can get Nathan to share the recipe so you too can have some. He also made his Velvet Crush drink. (Turns out you can buy Velvet Falernum premade.)

I had cheeses and quince. I had the absolute yummiest moistest vegan cupcake ever.
Of course we had wine galore, champagne, and our signature wedding drink - The Fangbanger. Then we spent hours catching up and just chilling by a roaring fire while the rain fell outside.

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