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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Repurposing for Displays

You know that I love taking existing objects and repurposing them. I used train cases to store wedding DIY projects and then to hold, transport, and display other DIY projects at the wedding. And I'm collecting vintage luggage to replace our storage baskets that cubes doesn't really like.

There are tons of other neat objects available that you can use in a Rustic or Retro themed wedding.

How about vintage drawers to hold your escort cards? A-H in the top one and I-Z in the bottom. Or get all four and split across four drawers.
Vintage Wooden Double Drawers
$32 ($64 for both) from Monichelle's Vintage

Strawberry baskets for your centerpieces?
Strawberry Baskets
14 baskets (11 with metal trim) for $18 from Moment of Nostalgia

Or a pet carrier to hold programs or cards?
Antique Pet Carrier

What about an ammo crate to hold umbrellas for an outdoor summer wedding?
old wooden ammo crate

Best thing about repurposing objects? You're making green[er] choices. You can have unique decor at reasonable prices. And if the objects you choose match your own design aesthetic for your home, you can reuse the objects for storage.

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