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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What They Did: Transformed the Club

With baited breath we all stalked the weather sites. We danced "Anti-Rain Dances." We employed superstitions (buying purple umbrellas). And...

Mother nature would not be tricked. She was determined to test them. After all, as we all found out during the ceremony, the earth shook literally three times when they first started dating.

There was rain. There was a power outage.

But it was all good. Everyone was safe and sound inside.

The transformation of a venue is probably an odd place to start a What They Did mini-series, but it's where I'm starting so play along. Here's what the venue looked like at 10:00 AM the morning of their wedding:

A little backstory first. An email from the groom for help went out the day before around mid-day. By the time the call for help came mid-afternoon, the elves had begun to mobilize and the bride was given a quick rundown of what was in the works.

As the bride is a welcome and frequent commenter on this blog, we all know a few things she likes. Among other things: Fairy lights. Mason jars. She already had her reception decor ready to go. All they needed was a little help decorating for a ceremony - aisle and stage.

Enter The Elves (aka The Wed Team). Here are some of The Elves busy at work. The Bride's Father Setting up the Wedding Favors and Escort Card Table

Adding color and drama to the stage.

Creating a magical path.

Decorating the cake with custom cake toppers and clay flowers that MooflyFoof made herself.

Shortly after 2:00PM the elves disappeared to change for the wedding leaving a transformed club.

To see the finished result you'll have to wait for their professional photographs.

I'll share more about how MooflyFoof and EdRabbit got all of us - their guests - to the venue from their invitations, the fire, and more - over the next couple of weeks.


  1. The plants were a touch of genius. What metaphors of growth and endurance in one entity! Also, hard to kill.

  2. You guys were awesome in making the transformation happen. We can't thank you enough!!


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