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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Choosing: Mason Jars

I love eating by candlelight. There's just something so romantic about it. In my search to find a budget-friendly last minute candlescape, we keep returning to mason jars with tea lights. Meets venue requirements. Satisfies budget requirement - friends have and can lend us.

But... are Mason Jars right for our look? And what is our look? We're Vintage. We're Elegant - table runners and silver platters. We're Retro - train cases for holding the kippahs, keeping the guestbook supplies organized, and collecting cards.

Do Mason Jars work in these categories? Or are they only appropriate for "Rustic" weddings - something we're definitely not?

Image #38080
Photography Credit: Jenn Cress via Style Me Pretty

Photography Credit: Joy Marie via Oh Lovely Day

Image source: Gingerbread Snowflakes (includes tutorial using Mod Podge)

Image #63703
Photography Credit: David Newkirk via Style Me Pretty


  1. I definitely think they fit with "vintage" and "retro". Your aesthetic also seems to be "romantic", which I think they work well with too. I personally *love* the way they look. That said, you're right that they might not *quite* go with "elegant". They are a little more on the casual side. But you know what? If you like the way they look, then who cares? That sort of aesthetic contrast is what will make the wedding truly yours, and not a perfectly staged/styled bajillion-dollar wedding out of a wedding magazine. :)

  2. I do really like the way they look. It just reminds me of my gram's kitchen - she made jam every spring. And they'll remind my mom of her gram (one of her favorite places in the entire world was her grandparents' farm). The "look" I'm going for is casual, sit down and join us for some food and dancing. And I think the mason jars fit in perfectly with that goal.


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