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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Green} What They Did: Succulents

Last weekend we attended our friends Mooflyfoof and EdRabbit's wedding. I'd been excited to see their escort" cards"/wedding favors and centerpieces ever since Mooflyfoof shared that she was going to use succulents.

Mooflyfoof considered many options - including growing their own succulents - before sourcing succulents from Cactus Jungle.

Apologies in advance for the poor quality photos. I really need to get a camera that I can just drop into my purse and take with me (or just suck it up and upgrade to the iPhone 4). The first photo is of the centerpiece for our table.

The second photo is of our escort "card." Can I just say how neat it was to see my new name used for the first time? On each escort "card," Mooflyfoof and EdRabbit included the succulent's name. Ours is "Haworthia cuspidata." They also provided detailed care instructions. Perfect for a succulent neophyte like me!

The last photo is of the centerpiece from our table at home. Yep we got to take one home with us! And so far SpriteKat has decided to leave them alone.

What They Did: MooflyFoof and EdRabbit

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