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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Green} DIY: Day of Survival Kits, Part 2

Last week I talked about what you might want to put in your Day of Survival Kits. I didn't talk about how you should present the items. There are tons of stylish, environmentally conscious ways to bundle your Day of Survival Kits.

If your theme is vintage elegance, what about a 1950s makeup bag?
$14.99 (Etsy)

If your theme is travel, how appropriate would getting vintage airline kits be? Just be sure to toss the old creams, toothpastes, toothbrushes and open razors.
Vintage Airline Kit - United Airlines Toiletries
$10.00 from Wit 'n Whimzy (Etsy)

Vintage TWA Toiletry Bag

For our 'maids, I found three identical airline kits from TWA. I used the case that originally held the toothbrush to hold bandaids and safety pins instead. If you opt for the vintage route, remember patience is your friend. There's no single stop shopping for these items and the more specific your look the longer you'll need to check on Etsy and eBay (try searching for airline toiletry bag, airline travel kit). But it's a personal touch your wedding party will appreciate.

Want to keep your To Do list manageable and still be eco-conscious? Try an Ecotools cosmetic bag. Ecotools' bags are "made of natural hemp material, making it easy to be eco-friendly, prepared and fabulous, one sustainably stylish step at a time."

How did you organize your emergency supplies?

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