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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY: Day of Survival Kits

I've watched too many episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project and been the photographer at too many events where the guest of honor has had some wardrobe mishap or other emergency. For either or maybe both of those reasons, it was important for me to give each participant their own Day of Survival Kit.

The essential ingredients:
Did you get a Day of Survival kit when you were in a wedding? Did you give your wedding party a kit? What was the item you found most helpful?

Remember that if you're trying to save money, buy in bulk and/or order in advance for free shipping. We acquired the pieces for our kits over a couple of sales and with a few coupons. The neat thing about these kits is that they're perfectly sized to drop into a big purse or tuck into your glove box. They don't have to be used just for the day of the wedding.

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