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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Inspires Me: Books

cubes and I both love to read and we like to cook. We have a bookcase in our living room overflowing with vintage books from my gram and gramp, new and vintage cookbooks, and graphic novels. Our unpacked office is filled with goodies such as James Joyce. My sewing/scrapbooking niche is overflowing with books on photography, color, imaging, type, etc.

With the trend towards more personalized weddings, more and more bibliophiles are going to showcase their love of books. Here are some of my favorite uses of books in weddings and/or decor.

4 virginia peacock wedding Virginia Wedding With Awesome Details

Photography Credit: Ashley and Jason of Ashley Maxwell Photography via The Bride's Cafe

Photography Credit: A Wrinkle in Time Photography via Sparkle and Hay
(Check out the blog for more details about the books the bride chose and how she acquired them.)

Photography Credit: Ashley and Jason of Ashley Maxwell Photography via The Bride's Cafe


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