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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check In: Nineteen Days to go

Two weeks and five days. Nineteen days. Why can't it be now? I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of boxes arriving. Of lugging things down to the car and then from the car up into our apartment. Of the unpacking, organizing, and repacking. Of writing instructions. Of meetings every night.

Even with planning everything still comes down to the wire. Hair and makeup trials. Corset fittings. Dress fittings. Music planning.

Still so much to do...
  1. Take going away dress to tailor for alterations
  2. Design and print ketubah
  3. Decide on table arrangements; assign seats
  4. Layout, print, and assemble table numbers
  5. Proof programs, print, and assemble
  6. Print photographs and adhere to ribbon for entry way decoration
  7. Finish watchwerk "time" pieces
  8. Design and print signage for kippahs, cards, and guest book
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