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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Inspires Me: Candlelight

I love the way candles can transform a space. When I first pictured our reception, I envisioned everyone seated around long tables arranged in a U lined with candles.

Remember this photo?
Photography Credit: Tom Mannion for Elle Decoration via This is Glamorous

Well as you know we're not going to have a large U-shaped table at which all of our guests are seated. We're not even going to all be on the same floor or even in the same room (that's a post for another day).

ProTip: If not working with a planner ask for sample layouts of what other couples have done in the space. If your venue has in-house catering, they should be able to give you an idea of typical table arrangements for the number of guests you're planning for.

Remember our carefully selected and sourced dripless, clean burning Palm Wax tapers in different sized clear and Amber wine/beer bottles? Can't have those either. All flames must be covered by at least two inches. (No wonder so many brides have votives and tealights.)

Our flames will be provided by tealights. (I have a 100 pack of IKEA tealights in my closet that have been screaming to be used since shortly after I bought them in 2004. While not green, they're budget friendly - you can't beat free.) Not sure what they'll be placed in, but pretty sure it'll be mason jars (also free, found by a friend in the cabinets of their apartment when they moved in).

I love the look of flames at different heights in different textured glass. Here are some of the other candlescapes that have caught my eye. 

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  1. Candles are beautiful! I would argue that even if your IKEA tealights weren't created in a "green" fashion, the fact that you're using something you already had rather than going out and buying something new makes them inherently green. :)


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