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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update: Vintage Black Pumps

It seems as if every day brings more goodies.

Last week? Black suede pumps from Jabot's "Holly Vogue" Vintage Boutique. (You might remember that I was "researching" accessories for our photo shoot back in June and had narrowed my choices down to four pairs.)
These are the shoes (#4 and a pair similar to #2) that I'll be sporting for our photo shoot and with my getaway outfit.

ProTip: When purchasing vintage shoes don't rely on the size marked in the shoe. Get a pair of shoes you wear that are similar in style - if you're buying heels with a pointed toe, grab a pair of heels with a pointed toe. Measure the inside length - this is more reliable than the shoe size as to whether the shoe will fit. Measure the widest part of the inside of the footbed.

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