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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dressing the Bride: Dreaming of the 50s

My commute via BART is dangerous. Dangerous to my wallet. Why you ask? Because I can walk by two vintage/thrift shops or one on my way home. And for a girl who's addicted to vintage and slightly (ok more than slightly) envious of the threads a few of her girlfriends' sport, all one needs is a somewhat flimsy excuse to wander through the doors. (You know the excuse we brides like to use: It's for the wedding! Honest! Wink. Wink.)

Last night at Idol Vintage, I saw a gorgeous navy with black eyelet dress with wiggle skirt. (In case you've forgotten our wedding colors are: Purple, Navy, Charcoal, and Black.) Dolores, the owner of Idol Vintage, is amazing. I told her what we were thinking for our photo session as well as my getaway outfit. (Juice if you're reading this don't worry, I didn't walk out the door with a getaway outfit. We're still going to go shopping.)

Now what 1950s accessories would one get to complete a navy with black outfit?

Black 1950s Pumps (Fb. SHOES) at Midnight Sparkle Vintage Clothing

In addition to the navy dress, she had amazing finds in her backroom that weren't yet out on the floor. Two would make amazing Vintage City Hall Wedding Dresses. Simple. Elegant. (I know, I'm a bad bride, I should have taken pics! I got caught up in the magic of trying these amazing dresses on.)

Online vintage stores that I've been stalking lately for inspiration (It's research for the photo shoot! Honest! Wink. Wink.):
Do you have a favorite vintage haunt? Online or actual bricks and mortar store? If you're doing a vintage wedding, how are you accessorizing? Please let me know I'm not the only vintage bride now obsessed with vintage details!

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