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Monday, August 16, 2010

Oops! Schedule Fail: Well Hello Monday

I've known for weeks that tonight I have an appointment with the lace expert to discuss my dress. Yet what did I do this morning? I left the house without my wedding dress. I remembered that I needed to drive to work today (yes the reason did actually escape me as I groggily left the house). So yes, I forgot the dress.

Now I've talked about this appointment with cubes. This weekend even. We discussed how a follow up visit might impact my Syzygryd Kitchen Prep schedule.

AND... I still FORGET the dress.

Best part about all this? The carefully scheduled post-work meeting. The getting in to work early. All for naught. I still have to use the PTO that I don't have so that I can drive BACK to the house. And then FIGHT traffic across the Bay Bridge to get to Alameda.

Seriously universe, can't you make Monday a little easier to deal with? Anyone else hate Mondays?

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