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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Next Best is Better: Suede Ankle Booties

You know me, I love boots and bootlets. Inspired by Britt's post on The Broke-Ass Bride today, I sought out to find a pair of high fashion bootlets for a low price (goal under $40).

I found an adorable set of bootlets to later discover they're Christian Louboutin-inspired! I have some shoes in my closet that cost a couple of hundred dollars but there's no way I'd pay over a thousand dollars.

The Haute Fashion Original via The Shoe Goddess:
Christian Louboutin Fifre 120
$1,195 from Barney's (no longer available)
The original knock off:
Steve Madden Trumpit Suede Ankle Boots, 2 Colors
Steve Madden Trumpit
$89 from Mezing

Steve Madden Trumpit
$149.95 from Endless.com
$119.99 from Piperlime
$59.98 from 6pm.com

The knock off:
Charles Albert Women's New 1347 Bootie
Charles Albert New 1347
$20.93 from Endless.com
$16.43 from Amazon.com

What You Save
If you love red bootlets, you can get the original Christian Louboutin-inspired bootlet for $89 - a savings of $1106 without tax. If you prefer black to red as I do, you can get the Christian Loubotin-inspired bootlets for $59.98 - a savings of $1135 (if you prefer leather uppers) or for $16.43 - a savings of $1178 (if man-made uppers are OK).

Have you found great deals such as this? Please share. I love a good shoe story.

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