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Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Transition

During our hiatus, we're quietly remodeling the blog.
Until we're back from our honeymoon (end of May), new content will be a little sporadic. Also as I work on organizing and editing hundreds of pages of blog entries into a riveting rendition of Our Story for our parents, as well as for our wedding album, you'll see archived posts begin to populate on the "new" blog. With the exception of corrected typos and poorly credited images, the posts will be identical the original content. The post here on the "old" blog will include a jump there to the "new" blog. 

Our editorial calendar will be also changing. Don't fear; your favorites - Tuesday Shoesday and Thursday Purseday - will still be here. Fashion Friday is going to become a monthly rather than semi-weekly series, look for it the first Friday of the month. What Inspires Me and My Favorite Things are going to merge into In the Moment, a round up of what's inspiring me at the moment; it'll be appearing on Mondays because everyone needs some eye candy to start their week off right. We'll also be introducing Friday Food for Thought with illustrations or quotes from my collection of vintage home economics texts and cookbooks.    

Ciao Bella!

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