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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pampering the Groom: A Custom Shirt

In the first of our Pampering the Groom series, we took you to a custom suit fitting with Proper Suit. About a week and a half ago the suit and custom shirt arrived; we'll review the suit in a future vendor post. Today we're focused on men's dress shirts with two options as Proper Suit is not yet offering custom shirts without the purchase of a custom suit:
  • Blank Label offers co-created shirts starting at $45. Shirts are made in Shanghai.
  • Proper Cloth has made to measure shirts starting at $99. According to the company's LinkedIn profile, the shirts are made in the United States.

Before we get started let's look at the end products. First the shirts by Proper Cloth for our wedding.
Credit: Brian and Steve wearing shirts by Proper Cloth, ties from Express, photographed by Jessica Palopoli 
Credit: cubes wearing shirt by Proper Cloth and vest by Miss Velvet Cream; Eden wearing vintage 1950s cocktail dress with twist necklace by GemKitty, photographed by Jessica Palopoli
Next shirts by Blank Label.
Credit: Blank Label shirts photographed by Sara Gray, originally featured on Inspirations & Creations: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Credit: Blank Label shirts photographed by Sara Gray, originally featured on Inspirations & Creations: Elizabeth Anne Designs

It might seem daunting to dream a shirt into existence, but the guys at both Blank Label and Proper Cloth make it easy. Both companies guide you through how to take your groom's measurements.
Once you've got your measurements you're ready to create your shirt, choosing collar lining and type, cuffs, plackets, pockets, and shoulder finish.

One of the biggest decisions will be the fabric you choose. Danny Wong, Co-Founder and Lead Evangelist at Blank Label, offers this advice:
"When choosing a fabric, you have to consider the season and the occasion. For colder seasons, you'd like a thicker and heaver fabric because you most certainly don't want other people to know you're cold (with hard nipples, hahaha). For warmer seasons, you'd like a lightweight (but not too thin since you don't want people to see through and know your skin color!). For a wedding, a nice luxuriously textured fabric is perfect like a herringbone or a simply a elegant broadcloth."

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