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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heritage & Craft for Your Something Borrowed

Until recently, brides in the San Francisco Bay Area had to go it alone when it came to vintage decor and details. Last month that changed when Erin Taylor launched {Heritage & Craft} Vintage Rentals & Details.

I caught up with Erin in person this past weekend at the opening of Blu Bungalow, a new event planning studio in Cow Hollow, where she was giving a workshop. As she talked, you could truly see that she's passionate about crafting unique days for her brides and absolutely loves what she does.

Display by Heritage & Craft and floral theoryDisplay by Heritage & Craft and floral theory

I asked Erin when she discovered her passion. Like me she's always appreciated what the industry calls "vintage." She prefers the term heritage as she grew up oohing and awwing over her grandmother's and great grandmother's stuff. She started collecting her heirlooms years ago when her grandmother and great grandmother would get rid of stuff, taking it for her home.

Display by Heritage & Craft and floral theory

Erin is constantly expanding her collection. Her recent finds from just a couple of days ago include a black Underwriter typewriter with circular metal keys and a washboard made from rippled glass (this predates the metal washboards you typically see).

While {Heritage & Craft} just opened its doors, Erin through Bustle - An SF Bay Area Event Planning and Design Firm - has already been sharing her collection, stored in boxes in her garage or incorporated into decor throughout her home, with brides and grooms.

When brides come to her, some already have a vision of what they want. Others aren't so sure. Erin makes it easy for both types. First off, she supplies pricing for all of her inventory. Brides can immediately see whether they can afford vintage styling. Most brides are pleasantly surprised, it's usually less expensive than they think. The prices compare favorably to typical event rentals and offer more personality and charm in the bargain.

To get started you can do one of two things. If you've got a clear vision of your day, begin by browsing Erin's inventory of heritage items. Once you've located the items you want, let her know the date of your wedding. Erin will respond with availability and pricing (cost of item is on the website with final delivery/tear down pricing depending on venue location and your needs).

If you're interested in a certain period or looking for a certain piece of furniture, you can choose Heritage & Craft for your styling. Erin can start with a mood board or with an interview, and then work with you to create a sketch of your vision and then suggest appropriate heirlooms. If you're looking for a specific dresser or detail, Erin can help you flesh out your vision. She's constantly roaming the Bay Area with eyes open for new heritage pieces and can source the piece you're dreaming of. The plus? You're not paying the purchase price, you're renting the heirloom and having Heritage & Craft pick it up when your reception is over.

For brides who want to get outside of the box, Erin offers Craft. She works with her father who has a background in architecture and carpentry to bring dreams into reality. The process is simple: share your idea with them and they'll work with you to flesh out the details, returning with a sketch of your vision and a quote. Once you review and approve, Erin's dad begins production. No one in the Bay Area offers the ability to custom build altarpieces, buffet tables, etc. She can help you create a doorway into an outdoor space so that you can make a grand entrance.

Erin takes her inspiration from surprising sources - a store window, runway show, and more. She shares these visions with her brides to create one-of-a-kind moods such as Rustic Prep.

You know the best thing about Heritage & Craft? You're not limited to vintage-inspired custom pieces. Erin and her dad will work with you to craft modern pieces as well. Recently they built a cake table.

After meeting Erin, my husband joked that maybe we should get married every year. I think he was a little surprised when I responded, "We should! I have this idea that for our next ceremony, we'll have an intimate affair on the beach with a candlelit dinner on the dunes."

Luckily for our next ceremony and reception, I won't have to source furniture and details from flea markets, thrift stores, and my friends' houses. I'll be able to turn to Heritage & Craft.

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