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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finish Your Retro Look with Vintage Details

When you're planning a vintage affair, the details matter, starting with what you're wearing when the guests first see you and continuing to how you leave your reception.
cubes's reflection in the mirror of my overnight case.
After our wedding, cubes and I looked as if we'd just arrived from the past as we checked into the Hotel Triton. I was wearing a 1950s cocktail dress with vintage-inspired black Mary Jane pumps, holding my bouquet of antique hydrangeas with my box purse dangling from my wrist and clutching a train case in my other gloved hand.

While no one was observing our departure for our mini-moon, I still followed through with the vintage theme. I traded my train case for a set of three pieces: a hat case, an overnight case, and a small suitcase.

For my birthday, I chose to dress vintage. I decided on the 1950s with a gorgeous grey dress with full circle skirt, petticoat, black pumps, pink elbow length gloves, and pink purse.

Of course when cubes and I headed back to Yountville for our dinner at The French Laundry (an unexpected birthday present), I sported vintage accessories - the same pink purse I'd chosen for my birthday and the luggage from our mini-moon.
Purse by JR Florida was purchased from Klassy Klassics. Luggage was purchased from The Vintage Perspective's Post.
Until last week, I hadn't really accessorized with my pink purse. After the numerous compliments, I received it will definitely be making an appearance more often.

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