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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What We Did: An In-Town Getaway

Like many couples we found ourselves facing limited-to-no vacation or paid-time-off. To spread out the cost of a honeymoon - travel expenses as well as lost pay - we decided to take a couple of days after the wedding to relax and then take a few more in a month. (For me this breaks the lost pay across three paychecks.)

There were also a couple of other advantages of staying in town. We got to spend more time with out-of-town guests. We were able to run errands - pick up stuff from the venue. And... we have a local hotel - Hotel Triton - to celebrate future anniversaries at.

For our wedding night we chose the King Triton Suite at the Hotel Triton. (This was the same hotel we recommended to brothers, sisters, and cousins.) Here's the description from the hotel website:
"Designed by King Triton, in honor of his kingdom, Atlantis, shimmering underwater blues, silvers, and greens abound in this luxuriously inspiring setting. Part the silver bead curtain to find yourself in the grooviest Jacuzzi tub in San Francisco, complete with a secret television you can watch while you soak. A beautiful king bed with fabric beach ball pillows and magic reading lights await, and the sitting area is ideal for entertaining a small group of friends."

When we arrived in our room we were greeted with a split of champagne and a note. This was an unexpected touch (especially after the Westin Downtown offering a treadmill instead).

For your viewing pleasure, before we crashed out for the night I dashed around the room taking photos before we settled in. There was a desk in our room as well as a comfy couch with coffee table. I didn't get a shot of them.

Monday morning - and into the evening - my stomach was still a little queasy. We asked the concierge for recommendations of places nearby. We decided on Alfred's Steakhouse over two other restaurants (Scala's Bistro and Sam's Grill).
 Oysters (Note to self - if stomach is queasy pass on these or order less to start.)
 Bacon-wrapped Shrimp (Yum!)
Filet Mignon with Fries (cubes also ordered the Filet Mignon but with Onion Strings)

Wednesday night (after a day at work) my appetite had returned. We met up with cubes' dad, C., Aunt M, and Uncle B. Wanting to give them a taste of the city we love we made reservations at Mission Beach Cafe. And the chef didn't disappoint.

I tried the Butternut Squash (yes we were still in Indian Summer and it was hot outside, but it's Fall and I was craving soup) to start. It was a very rich soup - a cup would have been the perfect size for me. A bowl was too much. (It was so good though that I had to have every last drop.) The soup is typically served with a Gruyere crisp. As I can't have cheeses made with cow's milk, the chef didn't plate the crisp.

Three of the six ordered the housemade fettucini pasta.

Everyone was extremely happy. It was served with goat cheese so I was able to have the same dish as everyone else. The balance of the roasted tomato brutto (?) with the creaminess of the goat cheese was delish.

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