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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Inspires Me - Cake Stands

Growing up I spent a lot of time exploring the halls of the De Young Museum in San Francisco. There I discovered Wayne Thiebaud

In addition to gum ball machines (Three Machines is on display at the De Young), he painted other sweets. Among these delights were Bakery Counter (1962) and Cakes (1963).

Every time I see a cake or dessert table at a party or a wedding reception, I think of Wayne Thiebauld.

Photography Credits (from top left clockwise): James Moes via 100 Layer Cake
Ashley Rose Photography via Green Wedding Shoes; and Punam Bean Photography via Ruffled.
Where to get the look: 10" Diameter Harp Motif Depression Glass 4" Tall Pedestal Cake Stand from Cheshire Cat Antiques $28; 12" Diameter 4" Tall Silverplate Cake Pedestal from Fearless Nesting $12; 1940s 10" Diameter Ice Blue Glass Harp 5" Tall Pedestal Cake Stand from Cheshire Cat Antiques $35.

ProTip: Be sure to include cake stand(s) on your decor list. I hadn't even thought about what our cake would sit on. Luckily Cafe Gratitude had a perfect stand they were able to lend us.

With a little searching on Etsy or your local thrift shops, you can set your table for almost any look at $100 or less. Not only is this budget-friendly, it's also eco-friendly.

1 comment:

  1. I adore vintage cake stands they are so very elegant & pretty.


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