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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: New Boots

I dislike some types of shopping. This dislike is so strong that I actively avoid shopping for clothes or shoes until absolutely necessary. For example, the Franco Sarto boots I found at Community Thrift last winter replaced my favorite six-year old Nine West boots. Right now, my two favorite - most comfortable - pairs of footwear are on their last legs. My 14-year old loafers (they've been reheeled, resoled, and relined a couple of times). And, sigh, my 23-year old Laredo cowboy boots (they've been reheeled and resoled a couple of times as well).

Unlike last week where any loafer I liked wasn't available in my size by the time I made up my mind, I think I found a suitable replacement for my cowboy boots. A replacement that should last. What did I get? A pair of Frye boots.

Dorado Low Black Leather by Frye  
Image courtesy of Zappos

Do you buy things to last or for a season? Any favorite brands? Any brands you hate?

When determining whether or not the boots would work, I checked a bunch of sites: 6pm, Amazon, Endless, and Zappos. Zappos (and 6pm) organizes its product information better than does Amazon, giving shaft height and diameter without you needing to click More (something I initially missed). Amazon and Endless both show snapshots of the various views of the shoe rather than making you open a separate window like Zappos.

So why did I chose Frye boots? They're leather. They have a reputation for lasting a long time if taken care of. They're made in Spain. 

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