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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Something Blue

There are lots of options for a vintage bride's "something blue." 
Obsession 1950s french Lingerie navy blue lace ruffled garters
$25 Obsession Navy Blue Lace Garter Belt from La Boheme

vintage. 50s Navy Blue Slip S M
$35 Navy Blue Slip from EL Vintage

1950s Navy Blue Bow Fascinator With Polka Dot Veil
$35 Navy Blue Bow Fascinator with Veil from Female Hysteria

Vintage Blue Crinoline Petticoat Slip
$50 Blue Crinoline Petticoat Slip from Easter in Harlem

vintage 1950s Fitted Full Blue Slip XS
$65 Blue Slip from ReCultivation

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