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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What We Did: Authenticity

Throughout our planning we thought about both what we would enjoy AND what our guests would enjoy. From finding food that everyone could eat to sharing parking passes with those braving Fleet Week traffic. 

I had fretted about what guests would say if seated in the balcony or near a speaker after seeing/reading diatribes from guests at other weddings. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear and see how much our guests enjoyed the night. Our goal had been to create an inclusive affair-not one just about us, and I think we succeeded.

Here's what some of our guests said/wrote:
  • "What a wonderful wedding.  And so much FUN!"
  • "It was the least-generic wedding I've ever been to. I particularly loved the boots with the white laces."
  • "I wanted to thank you for putting together such a perfect evening. You wedding was beyond great to be a part of, and the entire event a beautiful class act, every detail wonderful, and all the people in your lives are indeed incredible in themselves."
  • "I had a *great* time at your wedding. Thank you so much for inviting me!"
The evening wouldn't have been such a success without the following people:
  • My Diva of Honor, Ames, who kept me grounded, offered up her dining room table for our crafting days, hand wrote all of our envelopes and place cards, fashioned the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen, scheduled mani-pedis for us, made sure I was fed (the night of my hair trial, the morning of the wedding, and right before the ceremony), and numerous other activities - too many to list here.
  • My Bridesmaid, Monica, who found hair and makeup people that were fun to be with and got the vision for the ceremony, who arranged flowers and candles for the tablescapes and figured out the ribbons we needed, who rushed out of dinner with me to free me from my corset so that I could eat and enjoy myself, who crafted an amazing wedding perfume for us, and many many more things - too many to list here.
  • My Bridesman, Massive Bri, who picked up the pieces when I fell apart, folded and punched programs, tied better bows than me, masterfully completed the Trav L Bars, dashed back to the apartment to fetch my getaway outfit, and many other things - too many to list here.
  • cubes's Groomsmaid, Helen, who cut and sewed all of our table runners, finished our place cards, fashioned a non-lethal tool for threading ribbon through the programs, assembled programs, and more - too many to list here.
  • cubes's Groomsman, Steve, who kept us fed with the most amazing BBQ, cut ribbons for the invitations, sliced corks to hold our place cards, fetched ice for the bar, and much much more - too much to list everything here.
  • Our wedding elves, Iris, Mooflyfoof, Annie, Hilary, Icka, Dani, and Todd who made the photo wall happen; cut and glued paper for invitations, place cards, table numbers, and wedding favors; cut raffia and ribbon; tied raffia/ribbon for invitations, mason jars, and programs; sealed envelopes; ferried drinks and alcohol between our garage and the venue; advised on flowers for the bouquets; picked up and distributed ice for the bar, and again much much more.
  • My future sister-in-laws Arwa and Jamie, who helped me get dressed, tied both my corset and boots, went on a scavenger hunt for and found straws, designed and customized the maids' necklaces, and more.
  • Our usher and official tweeter Roland who set up the bar and escorted both of our grandmothers into the hall and out again.
  • Our friends Josh and Starr who spun our favorite tunes and reminded me of our first date as a couple - Shark Attack.
  • Our guests who gave us not one but two standing ovations and who danced the night away with us.
  • Our rabbi who made everyone laugh and helped us take our mind off the unseasonably hot weather.
  • And last, but not least... Our Month of Coordinator Brittani Waldman and her assistant (Dream a Little Dream Events) who executed our vision to perfection, setting up and tearing down all DIY projects; ensured that neither us or our wedding party lacked for anything; and smiled tirelessly.

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