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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding DIY Project Craft Day: Invitations

Four friends (Mooflyfoof, Hilary, Ames, and Steve) spent their Saturday morning helping us bring our invitations to life. We set up five stations to begin with: Invitation Cutting; Insert Cutting; Gift Tag Cutting/Cornering; Twine Measuring/Cutting; and Envelope Addressing.

Once all the components were prepared, we surrounded Ames and Steve's dining room table and began assembling and securing gift tags to each invitation packet.

From front left clockwise: Hilary cuts out the gift tags. cubes punchs the corners and circle for thread. Mooflyfoof cuts outs invitations.

I'm hard at work cutting Sharing inserts. Ames is busy addressing all of our envelopes. Notice the yummy Bloody Marys to my left?
(Photo taken by Steve with Eden's Camera)

Crafting is hard work. cubes takes a break to nosh on a Po Boy from Jack's.
(Photo taken by Steve with Eden's Camera)

Our Accomplishments

  • 450 cuts for 90 invitations

  • 1,350 cuts for 3 sets of invitation inserts

  • 4 cuts for each set of gift tags

  • 360 corners

  • 100 cuts of twine

  • 180 twists of twine and 90 knots
What We Did to Make the Invitations
Cut the bottom of the Invitation first (Step 3) and save for the gift tags.

Preparing the Gift Tag
Repeat Step 13 on each corner of the gift tag.
After punching each corner, punch a hole at one of the corners (Step 35).
Address the gift tag.

Preparing the Invitation Inserts
Save the top of the Sharing insert from Step 18.

Assembling the Invitations
Cut the black raffia into 36-inch lengths.

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